Tomorrow’s Green Cities

Almost everyone is currently caught up in going green today. This can be attributed to the fact that global warming is real. This has made an impact on how we go by our daily activities. Everything we do is geared towards a cleaner environment with fewer carbon emissions. Below are some of the things that will bring back a rebirth of our planet.

Tree Planting

Trees and other green plants are an essential source of life. They provide food, shelter and are water catchment areas. Furthermore, these green plants add aesthetic value to our environments. It has become a norm today, to find a garden of flowers that has incorporated trees.


Public transport is the most annoying thing for everyone living in a city. The long hours spent in traffic are tiresome and tedious. It is not only about the traffic but also the carbon emissions from our vehicles. Electric trains have been a great way of minimising carbon emissions. Electric cars produce zero emissions hence play a significant role in mitigating air pollution. Already, there is an Arabian City with underground tunnels ferrying people with electric vehicles.

Alternative Energy Sources

Global warming is caused by a breach of the ozone layer due to increase in the levels of CFCs. Every government is tasked with providing renewable energy sources for its citizens. The renewable sources being used mostly are sun and wind.

The sun is preferable because the solar panels can be easily installed. They do not require a lot of space and can be used in urban areas to serve a more significant number of people.

Wind is a renewable energy source that works best almost anywhere. This is especially so in windy areas. The only disadvantage is occupying space.

With all these activities geared towards greener cities, it is possible to see our towns become cleaner and tidier. I cannot help but imagine the possibility of drones delivering packages.

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Carl Michael
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