Soy-based Auto Parts Cause Rodent Problem

With many notable car brands looking to be grouped in the “Green” category, or environmentally responsible, the auto industry is reaching out and experimenting with new building materials. Big names such as Honda, Toyota and Subaru are jumping on the green wagon by implementing things like soy-based insulation into their vehicles. Using materials such as soy are preferred among customers and manufacturers alike, with a lowered carbon footprint and virtually no waste.

However, some of these plant-based replacement materials are causing problems. Some customers experienced rodents chewing through the soy insulation in their vehicles. “Oh, they love it.” said mechanic Max Chang of the material. He believes the issue is getting worse, with more manufacturers moving towards the organic materials.

Some customers are complaining, even bringing class-action lawsuits against some of the auto juggernauts. Most people were not aware of the risk the materials posed, and bought the vehicles knowing nothing of the problem. To add to the outrage, it’s claimed that some of the companies refused to cover repairs for these cases. Toyota issued a statement claiming that the issue reached “across the industry and the issue was not brand or model specific.”

Owners of the affected vehicles have taken to some other remedies for the problem. A specialized capsaicin coated tape product was shown to help deter rodents after wires were insulated with it. Other home remedies included dryer sheets, moth balls and predatory urine as deterrents.

It remains to be seen who will be held accountable for the rodent problem. It’s been demanded by customers that the companies ‘fess up to their knowledge of the issue prior to assembly. They are asking that the warranties be revised to cover the issue, as it should be listed as a defect on the vehicles. But it seems for now, the little guys will keep on snacking.

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Emily Daniel
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