Eco Incentivized Apps Supporting the Call for Environmental Sustainability in Transport

Cycling is beneficial for you and the people around you. While cycling you get to enjoy fresh air and exercise your body. In most instances, you will not even notice the workout aspect. Biking will help you burn the extra calories, increase your metabolism and keep your heart, lungs and blood vessels healthy. The endorphins released during the cycling activities reduce stress and boost your mood.

Apart from the individual gain, biking has multiple advantages including environmental stability. In this age of climate change and pollution, the call for eco-friendly alternatives has increased. Pollution is a global menace. Most of the current modes of transport are sources of pollution. Biking stands out from all the rest as it does not emit harmful gases or leave carbon footprints.

Currently, there are other incentives for biking including Eco incentivized apps for cyclists. The apps encourage more people to take up biking by offering rewards and discounts. Accelerometers linked to the users’ smartphones help the app tract the distance cover by a biker. The longer the distance, the more bonus points one accumulates. On average a cyclist produces 0.34 horsepower while biking in a park and up to 0.67 horsepower in a steep climb. Bikers also get additional information including the facilities available in the specific location.

The other eco-friendly transport alternatives are electric cars like the Tesla. Just like the bicycles, the Tesla is fuel efficient. The purchase price of the Tesla which ranges from$ 71,070 to $120,170 for the recently released D models which are slightly above the rate of ordinary cars. But statistics show that fuelling an electrically powered vehicle is cheaper than any other alternative available in the market. Therefore, in the long run, the total cost of owning an eco-friendly car is way below that of other option.

If you are looking to transition to more eco-friendly alternatives, you can begin with cycling since its cheaper, healthy, exciting and you can earn rewards with the eco incentivized apps for cyclists.

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Emily Daniel
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