Electric 1 Wheeled Super Bike

The vehicles of the future might have an entirely different design to them than what people are currently used to seeing on the road nowadays. In fact, it may be that the future riders will be primarily using a wheel that is fueled by a hydrogen cell. Yes, that is the singular form of wheel since the Embrio Concept ‘vehicle’ is just a solitary wheel. It does use some stabilizer wheels to keep everything upright until the driver gets going fast enough for it to balance itself, but after 20km/h it is all faith in the gyroscope system.

It is the ultimate hot wheel, and with companies looking to stay eco-friendly and meet consumer demand, it could be a hot seller. It is nothing like a unicycle that many may have seen in circus acts and such, but this concept vehicle is actually more like a ‘Segway on steroids’ according to its designer Bombardier. The Canadian company has been making everything from business jets to recreational vehicles for years, and now they are looking to give the public the first glimpse of a one-wheeled future.

The steering of the Embrio is as simple as shifting ones weight, but this is also heavily assisted through the integration of some top-level robotics that help to coordinate the brakes and active suspension system. The lightweight materials that make up the frame and construction mean that it should be able to achieve a high level of longevity before needing to be refilled with hydrogen. A trigger on the handlebar helps to handle all of the acceleration when necessary. It is likely that this would even be further modified to align with some of the other ‘self-driving’ cars that have been seen in design labs. If nothing else, the future should be fun for those who are able to jump onto one of these.

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Emily Daniel
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