Proterra follows Tesla’s battery idea

Tesla is one of the top producers electric cars. They are on top of the industry and are having great success with their vehicles. The company produces high quality vehicles. Among their greatest accomplishments are a electric semi and an electric sports car that can reach 60 MPH in under two seconds. Their cars are surprisingly affordable for the quality that they provide. Back when the company began producing their vehicles, they patented the technology used within them. Proterra is another manufacturer of electric vehicles. However, they focus their time on buses rather than cars. The company has taken up on some of the ideas that Tesla has implemented. Proterra is working on a fast charging battery similar to the ones that Tesla produces. The reason behind their desire for fast charging is the fact that they want the buses to charge during the route. As the bus takes its route, it stops to pick up people. Using the fast battery, the bus will be able to charge in less than five minutes. Using this method, buses would be more efficient and spend less extra time stopping to recharge. There are many benefits that Proterra electric buses offer. They obviously rid the need of fuel and therefore produce no greenhouse emissions. Additionally, the company itself can save bus owners money as they would not have to spend any money on gas. The company is saving the enviroment and furthing the future of electric vehicles. Electric cars are the new thing.