The Lunar Rover and Chevy Bolt EV Relatives that Prove the “Theory of Evolution”

Did you know the Chevy Bolt EV has a famous grandparent? Built by General Motors and Boeing the Lunar Rover “Moon Buggy” cruised the surface of the moon for the first time in 1971.

The Bolt was Born late in 2016. With a base sticker price of $37,495 and Federal Tax Credits for buying an electric vehicle Bolt is affordable to the average consumer. By comparison, the Tesla D costs between $71,070 and$120,170 depending on battery size.

There is not much of a family resemblance between the Moon Buggy and the Bolt EV. The grandparent could traverse 57 miles on a single recharged. A single charge was all there was because the batteries could not be recharged. The Bolt covers 238 miles on a charge.

The Moon Buggy topped-out at less than 9 mph. The EV can hit 92 mph. The Lunar Rover put out .25 hp times four motors. Its descendant produces 200 horses.

The Moon Buggy was 492 lbs. with an overall length of 10’2″. Bolt EV weighs 3563 lbs. by 13’8″ long. The rover had a seating capacity of two and 4.6 cubic feet of storage. The Bolt seats five and has 56.6 cubic feet of storage.

Electricity is the automotive wave of the future. Based on an average cost of 12 cents per kWh times 15,000 miles per year charging an EV will cost about $540 annually. Factoring in the type of vehicle and based on an average of $2.256 per gallon a gas powered vehicle will consume between $621 and $999 worth of petrol annually. Also,

  • Electricity can be created from many sources.
  • Electric cars use their fuel more efficiently.
  • Enviromental concerns
  • A distribution system for electricity already exists
  • Range is constantly improving


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Carl Michael
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