Electric Cars for Two Please

Once upon a time, 2-seater cars were reserved for bustling European cities and American muscle cars. Now, the streets are filled with them, and with good reason. Two-passenger EVs make sense for anyone who:

  • Wants to save money
  • Cares about the environment
  • Does most of their driving in the city, and
  • Likes to travel light

Here are a few of the most popular, as well as some rising stars.

Smart Car

The Smart Fourtwo is your classic urban short, available as an abbreviated hatchback or a sporty-looking convertible. It’s rated at 124 MPGe in the city and 94 MPGe highway, but only goes 58 miles on a charge. However, that’s perfect in urban and suburban areas where you don’t need to travel long distances.

Fiat 500e

The electric version of the Fiat 500 is a quieter ride than the standard model and goes faster at 88 mph than many it its class. At $33,000, it’s a little pricier too, $10k more than the Fourtwo. It may be worth it, though, considering it’s 111 horsepower and up to 122 MPGe. No, it’s not technically a two-seater, but the tiny backseat is best reserved for your CDs.


GreenTech Automotive’s low-speed MyCar is actually classified as a neighborhood EV in the US, but they’re highly popular in Europe. And, costing around $15k plus savings in traffic congestion charges in places like London – as well as gasoline of course – it’s not hard to see why.


Not yet available on the open market, TARC’s up-and-coming two-passenger electronic premiered earlier this year and is set to revolutionize the manufacturing world with its 3D-printed, plant-and-steel based body. It has a little more to offer than the Fourtwo or the MyCar, with a range of 62 miles and top speed of 60 kmph.
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