Electric-hybrid Planes Could be in the Air by 2022

In just five more years, Zunum Aero plans to revolutionize air travel as we know it. They plan to build an electric-hybrid jet that seats 12 individuals. What is unique about this plane is that it will feature an internal combustion generator and numerous lithium-ion batteries, the propulsion system can be adapted for imminent advances in technology, and will have an enhanced control platform. This will enable the electric hybrid jet to:

  • Fly at almost 350 mph
  • Fly routes up to 700 miles
  • Use general aviation airports
  • Save on flight time
  • Reduce fares by 40-80%

Some of the benefits of traveling by electric-hybrid planes are a 75% drop in noise pollution and runway needs are lessened by 40%. The electric-hybrid planes will also be a cost efficient way to fly. For example, a family wanting to travel from a close-by regional airport could fly from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Ocean City, Maryland could do so without major costs, and in less time than traveling between major airports.

The Telsa Model D is an electric sedan with two motors, all wheel drive, and the capability to travel 275 miles before needing to be charged. Telsa improved both the efficiency and range of the car, even though they added a second motor. It is very fast, and has a 691 horse power engine. In comparison, between the Telsa Model D and Zunum’s hybrid electric plane, there are some similarities. Both are electric-hybrids, both operate on duel power sources, both have an auto-pilot system, and similar safety features. The cost of the new Telsa D series is $120, 170.00 whereas the Zunum electric-hybrid plane may cost upwards of three million. Flying in the future looks much different, less costly, and more environmentally friendly.

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Carl Michael
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