The Future is Here with Electric Cars, and better yet… Electric Monster Trucks!

The world is already starting to shift from being gas dependent to having more freedom with electricity.

Electric cars have changed the future of the industry forever. Not anymore are E-cars, as they are commonly called, less powerful or not as fast as regular cars. Tesla, for example, has proven this misconception wrong countless times with their modern electric vehicles that are rivaling the strongest and fastest cars in the market.

Electric cars are becoming more and more accessible and compelling, and that is the aim of E.ON’s “Freedom is Electric” Project. They created a Mad Max style demo video of the world’s first electric monster truck called The Bigfoot #20 racing along the dessert with other electric type vehicles, like the electric motorcycle that can reach a top speed of 218mph and the 1,250bhp electric hypercar. The monster truck is powered by 30 batteries with a very impressive 360 volts. In the demo video, the electricity-powered vehicles pass by an old gasoline station, symbolizing the future leaving behind the old ways.

E.ON also plan to put up fast-charging systems in up to 10,000 locations around Europe by 2020. By going electric, you can save up a lot of the old gas money. In a study, using Ford Focus ST and Ford Focus Electric as models, it was found out that the electric vehicle can save up to more than $10,000 in 8 years because charging batteries compared to refueling your car with gas is much cheaper. And using E.ON’s super-fast charging stations, you can full-charge a 400km battery in just less than thirty minutes.

The Bigfoot #20 electric monster truck is 11,000lbs and has 800lb-ft of torque. E.ON’s goal by making this video is to remove the stereotype that electricity-powered vehicles cannot be as powerful and “monstrous” as the high-octane gas-powered ones.

If you haven’t checked their models yet, go take a look at E.ON and their impressive design!

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Emily Daniel
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