The Elon Musk May Be The Biggest Battery The World Has Ever Seen

Tesla has made numerous announcements at Australia’s International Astronautical Conference regarding the Elon Musk battery. A 100-day challenge was issued to build the biggest battery in the world. According to the founder of Tesla, they have reached the half way mark in building the world’s biggest battery. This is happening in South Australia to address the serious energy problems. Elon Musk must now create a 100-megawatt capacity system in 100 days.

Tesla has been silently developing this technology in their labs, and the research is reputed to be the work of Jeff Dahn along with his team. Tesla hired him in 2015, and he has received wide recognition as a pioneer of the lithium-ion battery. Since his partnership with Tesla officially started in 2016, a new battery has been developed with the capacity to produce batteries with much longer lives. According to Tesla, this development represents a major breakthrough by the automaker.

Tesla has been recognized as the largest buyer of lithium ion batteries anywhere in the world. When anyone makes a breakthrough regarding this battery, they generally approach Tesla. Due to the challenge, the Tesla labs will be forced to take their production levels from moderate to high. There is a lot of speculation as to whether Tesla can finish their incomplete work on the world’s biggest battery in this length of time. Some people believe they may be further along than indicated or they would not have issued the challenge. The world will have the answer within the next 100 days.

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Carl Michael
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