Tesla And Musk Give Update On Self Driving Car

At a recent conference in Long Beach, California, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk gave an update on his company and when they expect to have a self driving car on the market. Musk was speaking at the Neural Information Processing Systems at the Long Beach Convention Center and stated that he believed that his company could have a self driving vehicle on the market within two years with three years being the more realistic target.

Musk said that by the three year target that the self driving capabilities of one of his company’s vehicles could be comparable or even better than those of a human driver.

There have been some detractors to this new Tesla target. It was two years ago that Tesla said that a self driving vehicle would be on the market and it has not happened. Musk says that the reason that progress has been halted with the current autonomous driving program of Tesla is that some of the software that is involved with the self driving cars need to be regulated and approved by government regulators.

Tesla is currently trying to get certified for autonomous vehicle driving. Currently, the company is shooting for level 5 status in which Musk hopes to have sometime during 2018.