Fashionable E-Cars

Nowadays, it’s pretty indisputable that electronic vehicles (EVs) save energy and the environment. If anything is holding the industry back, it’s the tendency toward eccentric or boxy designs that have some buyers sticking with traditional models. In recent years, though, the market has begun to catch up, with automakers new and old producing more stylish alternatives.

Two of the biggest names in e-cars are Smart and Tesla, but the differences between them are vast. The urban two-seater shortcar reaches only 80 horsepower and has a range of 70-80 miles per charge, but an ultra-eco-friendly 124 MPGe in the city. The Tesla Model S, the higher-end of its more affordable and accessible EVs, gets only 98 MPGe.

In the category of short urban electrics, Smart’s Fourtwo is soon to have some competition. Hailing from Poland and featuring an embroidery-inspired grill pattern is 2SYMPLEKS’ PIX e-car. The PIX, featured on TrendHunter, should compare to the quirky Fourtwo in specs but offers a smoothed-out, futuristic design that puts it in a class all its own.

For those who prefer a more classic hatchback design and still want to go emission-free, Volkswagon has you covered with the sleek and all-electric E-Golf. The 134 HP engine surpasses the Model S and the Fourtwo in fuel efficiency at 126 MPGe.

If you’re looking for something a little sexier and a willing to compromise your carbon footprint just a tad, you might go for something like the BMW i8. A true sports car if there ever was one, the i8 gets up to the 357 HP (still lower than Tesla’s 532), and offers a lightweight carbon fiber body, but a hefty price tag of $144,395.

Of course, there are many EVs out there to consider, but this list represents some of 2017’s most fashion-forward.

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