Workers Sue the UAW and FCA for Millions

News came out of Detroit, that a proposed class action suit against the UAW and the FCA was recently filed. Three auto workers employed by FCA are suing the UAW and their own employer, on charges of corruption.

The suit was filed with the U.S. District Court. It comes in the midst of an FBI investigation, in which four people have already been charged with corruption, It is believed that more are expected to be charged as a result of the FBI’s probe of the scandal. Several UAW officials, as well as several FCA executives, are allegedly involved in the corrupt activities. One has already pleaded guilty. The former Vice President of the FCA, Mr. Alphons Iacobelli, has pleaded guilty to the charges that were brought against him. If sentenced, he can face up to eight years in jail.

The three auto workers are filing the suit on behalf of themselves, and many thousands of other auto workers, all of whom are members of the union. The plaintiffs allege that FCA executives bribed union officials, thereby “tainting” collective bargaining. With that, they allege that they were “duped and scammed” out of the millions of dollars they paid in the form of union dues. Union dues are paid to the UAW for, among other things, proper representation at the collective bargaining table. They are suing both the UAW and the FCA for damages

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Joel Stocksdale
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