Fergie Hands Over Her Hummer For A Good Cause

Rock diva Fergie Duhamel recently sold her not-so-eco-friendly Hummer on eBay. The earnings were donated to a noteworthy charity, Global Green USA. It’s a cool environmental group founded by former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev; which works globally to secure sustainability on the planet. Although, the cynics out there may be spouting out that the Black Eyed Peas singer probably had just grown tired of the gas guzzler in her driveway…Fergie’s donated auto is a generous contribution.

There’s no doubt about it- over the past several years, since it’s inception in the 1990’s, Hummers have been considered a top-notch SUV. It’s popularity soared after so many celebs were spotted driving them around in L.A. and Miami and because it’s a luxury sport utility vehicle that is proudly “American” built.

But, with all the hype and talk lately about car companies creating more eco-friendly, energy-saving autos, how does the Hummer compete today?

Well, the latest style of Humvees are sleeker, and more fuel efficient. General Motors 2018 Hummer H2 is designed with a new 6.0 liter powerful V8 engine, built to last. It gets around 12 mpg and boasts of 393 horsepower.Today’s Hummer is a far more stunning vehicle than it’s prior models. It has better safety features and is more compact than before- which makes it more environmentally correspondent. The new H2 has a eco- rating of 10 city and 13 highway. Compared to many top-of-the-line foreign made SUVs, it’s an auto that stands head and shoulders above the crowd- cost-wise. Priced at around 55,000 MSP…today’s Hummer is at least more than 10,000 dollars less than it’s competitors.

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Joel Stocksdale
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