The Reason Ferrari Will Not Manufacture An Electric Car

Battery-electric cars are becoming popular within the industry. The exception is Ferrari, and they are not planning to join the ranks of BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. After being a predominant car manufacturer for seventy years, Ferrari has made the decision to downsize their engines, and use hybrid power. Ferrari feels a fully electric car does not suit their image, specifically mentioning the importance of their sound as classic for a Ferrari. Ferrari also believe that while the new technology effectively reduces emissions, it does not make any difference regarding the cars performance.

As the CTO of Ferrari, Michael Leiters shared his thoughts on the subject. He feels a Ferrari must have certain characteristics to appeal to their clientele. Unlike many manufacturers, Ferrari has placed a cap of 10,000 per year on their manufacturing. Their current concerns are with the power in the engine, and battery, and they do not believe an agile, and dynamic battery-electric car is possible now due to weight restrictions. Michael Leiters did say eventually there will come a time when Ferrari will consider new options for the future.

Ferrari is aware that due to the continual advances in technology battery-electric cars will be a part of the future. The solution for lightening the excess weight necessary to create more power in a hybrid car is not yet available. This is considered the main drawback of a hybrid vehicle. One possible solution to reduce the weight is downsizing the engine. As technology continues to advance, and more options become available, Ferrari may eventually release a lightweight hybrid car.