Fisker Revs Up To Race Tesla With Revolutionary Battery Technology

Fisker is a pioneering carmaker that was among the first to offer commercial hybrid electric cars. The firm is bounced back and is creating a buzz. It has a new battery technology that is billed to give you over five hundred miles after a single charge. This is a game changer in the electric cars scene. It brings owners an authentic and cheaper alternative to the typical gas-powered cars and atrociously expensive electric cars.

Prominent scientists are burning the midnight oil to implement solid state-batteries in the electric car. Packed into the current edition of the Fisker Emotion is a lithium-ion that also promises over four hundred miles on a single charge. The car will be launched in 2018 in Las Vegas, and consumers can expect preorders to start shipping in 2019. The solid-state batteries are projected to be ready shortly as the technology is still being perfected.

The carmaker is eyeing the consumer market currently dominated by their rival Tesla. The advantage is a greater range and rapid charging. The supercharger system is poised to give you more than a hundred miles from less than ten minutes of charging. At $129,000, it is a bargain over similar models from the rival Tesla whose equivalent muscle car goes for close to $200,000.

The race is on with the main challenger, in this case, being Tesla’s P100D, which gives just over three hundred miles on a single charge. The Emotion is also expected to be upgraded to the self-driving range. The ride tops out at over 160mph and features a sleek design consisting of carbon fiber and aluminum parts.

In other words, the Emotion is faster, more affordable and built on superior technology. It’s fully electric saving you gas money and helping you take care of the environment. An overnight charge to fill the battery to capacity is around ten dollars. Tesla’s domination of the electric car market is definitely in trouble.