Force measurement solutions

Force measurement instruments are designed for spring testing. Springs are an essential part of all manner of the automotive mechanism. These force measurement instruments are known as spring tester machines. The measurement of these springs are gauged by spring rate, spring load and loading displacement. You can normally get spring tester machines in manual, motorized, or digital forms. Some places that specialize in spring testing will even allow you to customize your needs. The testing machine technology available on the market is constantly improving, with the current machines already incredibly accurate.

If you are on the market for a spring tester, know your vehicle and do a lot of research of the possible sources. The best will offer machines that precisely measure all kinds of vehicular physical force, and particularly do compression and tension testing well. You will want to take these things very seriously to maximize the comfort and safety of your car. Very fortunately, right now in history, we have the very best equipment available. There is an unprecedented control for the user. In addition, there are strict requirements guiding these things so you can always know that you are getting a good product even if it is technically not the best out there.

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