Ford is Using AI to Simplify Pre-Owned Shopping

As computer technologies and the algorithms running on them continue to become more advanced, so does the complexity of the tasks those programs can achieve. The ability of such programs to collect and classify large amounts of information has become invaluable in many industries, including sales. Recently, the wonders of AI boosted sales strategies have moved into the world of automotive marketing.

This year Lincoln and Ford are beginning to apply this sort of technology toward the sales of their pre-owned vehicles. One of the biggest rules to success in internet marketing is to make sure that, once a potential customer visits a company’s website, it is important that they do not leave. Once a potential customer leaves a site, there is a good chance that they could find what they are looking for elsewhere and never end up coming back at all. In the case of automotive manufacturers, the resale of their pre-owned vehicles has been scattered all over the web, with no efficient way to catalog them.

AI is now providing that long-necessary cataloging system, with the ability to search and collect that sort of information much more efficiently than any person, or even team of people, possibly could. By teaming up with the Vast AI development company, Ford, and FordDirect, their pre-owned vehicle finding system by using their program called CarStory. This program can easily help consumers find the discount, pre-owned options they are searching for without being directed away from Ford’s main sales websites, and risking better business.

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Joel Stocksdale
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