More Warnings Issued from Ford and Mazda

Airbags. Meant to be the things that keep drivers safe, but can sometimes become the things that cause harm. Popular car makers Ford and Mazda are learning that the hard way, as they have to issue a warning to thousands of people telling them not to drive their cars due to a faulty airbag piece.

In January Ford issued a warning to over two thousand owners of their popular Ford “Ranger” truck. The warning urged them to stop driving and call their local Ford dealership about replacing a piece in the airbag. Turns out the issue is more widespread than first considered, as Mazda has now joined Ford in sending out an additional batch of warnings to about 33,000 truck owners. The problem is with a part called the “airbag inflator”. The inflator holds whatever propellant is inside, which when ignited with the initiator causes the airbag itself to inflate. Two deaths had been reported in the same day due to these faulty inflators.

Overall, Ford and Mazda are taking care of the issue. Upon learning about this mishap they quickly announced that replacement airbag inflators were available, they would tow vehicles to a dealership for repair, and provide a temporary vehicle free of charge to the customer. They are working to repair all the vehicles in a timely fashion.

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Emily Daniel
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