Ford’s Hybrid Police Cruiser Works Smarter, Not Harder

We live in a world where everyone is looking to pinch their pennies. Even our valued and trusted public servants. Well this year, Ford has unveiled a project in it’s line of service vehicles that’s sure to help in their endeavor. The Special Service Plug-In Hybrid is a Fusion-based fuel saver geared towards helping in the Police and Fire fields.

However, this model is not dressed to impress- in the way you expect. With it’s Fusion hybrid police interceptor released earlier this year, Ford did not execute this model for pursuit. This hybrid was re-imagined for the supervisors and fire chiefs that require a vehicle to get around in, but that didn’t use a ton of gas. Most times these vehicles are driven around town or left idling at buildings and crime scenes. So Ford took the chase out of it’s interceptor, and left the rest of the best pieces to craft this one.

A 7.6-KW-hour lithium-ion battery will charge in just about 2.5 hours on a 240-volt charger. The Plug-in will travel up to 85 miles per hour, and travel 21 miles on it’s electrical power alone. The full range of the vehicle climbs more toward 500 miles per tank.

Not only is the hybrid practical with fuel, it boasts quite the list of upgrades and features tailored to the officers driving it. Anti-stab plating in the seats, vinyl flooring and seats for the back and a special “Dark Car” feature. This system dims all interior lights and instrument panels for camouflage during surveillance. Needless to say, these guys really thought this thing out.

After the year Ford had releasing it’s new and improved service vehicles, it’s safe to say they’ll keep perfecting these vital tools. The advancements made in their vehicles are nothing short of impressive. Police and Firefighters everywhere will be able to trust the automotive juggernaut, and they can be sure Ford will keep surprising.