Ford: A trend-setting high-tech manufacturer

If you are looking for your next car purchase to be made full of plant-based materials, you may want to consider purchasing a Ford! Ford is evolving into not only a trend-setter but also a high-tech manufacturer. This transformation is coming with many new changes for Ford! These changes go all the way from parallel parking that is completely done for you to steering wheels that are embedded with biometric technology. Now, however, Ford is going all the way and using products that are derived from waste products as well as from plants!

At Ford’s Go Further Trend Conference, Ford Researchers were there and ready to show attendees some of their latest materials. These materials were extracted from different plants and are now being used in Ford vehicles! Some were found from exotic materials and others were found from food products that are consumed daily.

This isn’t all new for Ford, though. They have been working on soy cushioning for the past 10 years. Even though their first prototypes didn’t go over so well, they now have completely soy-based cushioning and headrests in their Explorers. The Flex’s indoor trim bins include byproducts from wheat cultivation. Parts that were previously made solely from petroleum will soon be made from coconut processing waste. Oil-based minerals found within the doors have been replaced by kenaf. Kenaf is a tropical plant that is related to okra and cotton. The amount of kenaf that is used by Ford conserves 300 thousand pounds of petroleum-based resin every single year.

There are other changes that aren’t exactly food based but are still very fascinating! Denim is replacing fiberglass insulation in the padding under the carpets. This is also useful for reducing outdoor noise! Seat upholstery is also being made from shredded plastic bottles! Ford is going green and evolving into trend-setting high-tech manufacturer!

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