Four FCA Minivan Suppliers Face Unifor Strike Deadline

Unless there is a change in the direction of recent talks between the union and Fiat Chrysler within the next few weeks, employees of four plants and consumers of Chrysler products can expect a halt in production as a possible strike looms in Windsor, Ontario.

Four of the auto builders supplier plants employees have voted to move ahead with a strike if management and the union cannot come to an agreement on new contract terms. The deadline for the strike is March 4, 2018 and will have a direct impact on the production of two top selling models, the Dodge Caravan and the Chrysler Pacifica can result in a walk out if the agreement is not negotiated by the two sides.

All though talks are not going well at this time the strike is not imminent even though three quarters of all union members in the four plants cast votes in favor of the strike 100% there is still plenty of time for the two sides to come together and reach an agreement but the feeling among the union members at this time is overwhelmingly in favor of the walk out.

One of the primary bargaining factors is the union members concerns that their wages and wage increases are not keeping pace with even new minimum wage levels in Ontario effective January 1, 2018, which was a 23% increase to $14 per hour. The potential striking union wants assurance that in their next contract members can be guaranteed the same wage increases that non union, minimum wage employees have been given.

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