France Will Be Making the Switch to All Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles by 2040

In North America, the majority of cars driven are vehicles powered by gas or diesel, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. France, on the other hand, is becoming more in favor of vehicles that are friendly to the environment. Currently, many of the cars in France are powered by electricity and alternative fuels, and after 2040 they will be the only cars sold in the region. All other vehicles will be banned from the roads in hopes of fighting global warming. France is calling this change the “ecological transition”. Vehicles run by electricity and fossil fuels are not completely free of a carbon footprint due to their materials and manufacturing, but this amount is just an extremely small percentage compared to what is emitted by gasoline or diesel vehicles. Many other countries including Netherlands and Norway plans to follow suit.

To help with the switch, France will be offering financial assistance to buyers. People will be able to trade in their older cars for newer, environmentally friendly ones. However, in exchange for less pollution, you will get less fuel efficiency. Gas cars can typically go about 300 miles without refueling, but an electric car can only go about 100 miles between charges and is also very slow to recharge. The price of electric vehicles tend to be more costly than their gas counterparts, but a plus is that they will cost much less to run per mile, saving about $5,000 in a five year period. The Telsa Model D, which is a luxury electric car, has prices starting at $75,070. It can go from 0-60 miles in 3.2 seconds, and it can reach speeds of about 155 mph. This makes the Tesla Model D one of the fastest four-door vehicles that have been manufactured.

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