Fuel Management Isolation Valve

During the 2017 Tank Tech conference in Munich, Germany, Stant unveiled their new fuel management isolation valve, or FMIV. Stant, a company native to Indiana, created the valve to be a solution for the the pressurized fuel isolation systems of plug-in hybrid vehicles. Originally presented as a concept at the ITB Automotive Energy Storage Systems Conference on March 2, 2016 in Novi, Michigan, the FMIV combines 20 plus year old tried-and-proven technologies with modern commercial innovations.

The FMIV was created in order to solve an issue that hybrid vehicles have with their combustion engines. A hybrid vehicle can travel without the combustion engine running; this allows the gasoline in the tank to evaporate and creates pressure within the tank. Through the inclusion of a bleed valve, the FMIV controls that pressure in order to prevent an explosive event. At the moment, Stant’s FMIV solution is primarily aimed at plug-in hybrid vehicles

In order to actuate the bleed valve, the Stant FMIV utilizes an additional coil on its flow management valve. The bleed valve allows for the system to depressurize through an open diaphragm. In comparison to many of the valves used today, the Stant FMIV is smaller and uses less copper material for production, resulting in cheaper production costs and larger production volume.

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