Ghosn’s final challenge: Secure future of the alliance

Carlos Ghoson is arguably one of the most powerful individuals in the automotive industry. For more than 20 years, he has been a valued member of the Renault auto company, which has continued to be one of the largest producers of vehicles in the world. Today, at the age of 64, Ghoson is acknowledging that he cannot be the head of the organization forever and someone will need to be able to take over control.

While Ghoson will eventually step away from the organization, he will now need to focus on ensuring certain business practices and agreements are able to stay in place after he leaves. One of the most important agreements that he will need to ensure stays effective is the alliance that he has created with Nissan. Ghoson created an alliance with Nissan that helped to ensure the two companies worked together to produce more cars, which has been beneficial for both companies.

While Ghoson will continue to be a big part of the organization, he appears ready to be handing over the reins to someone new. The day-to-day control of the company will soon be given to the current COO of the company, Theiry Bollore. However, Ghoson will continue to be very involved with the company for the time being at a high level. While Ghoson has agreed that Bollore will step in and lead the organization, he admittedly will have a challenge delegating a lot of the roles that he has handled for the past two decades.

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