Electric Garbage Trucks – Efficiency and Resistance

If you thought only cars were entering the electric fuel industry, you are very wrong. All kinds of vehicles are trying to improve their friendship with the environment, including airplanes, SUVs, trains and even trucks. Even garbage collectors. All industries in the automobile sector are tackling the opportunity to transform their craft and get in harmony with nature.

It is now the time for garbage trucks to use electric energy to power their movement. Garbage trucks are very heavy and require tons of energy to support so much weight. Besides that, garbage trucks also have to keep running through the city throughout the whole night (or day, depending on the neighborhood), and that means they require a lot of fuel to power them.

Garbage Trucks fueled by electric energy, thus, have a couple of problems going forward. They require a lot of power to maintain so much weight and have to stay up for hours in the streets. There’s also the issue of maintenance and finding materials for such a specific type of truck. However, companies that invest in electric energy for automobiles are covering the necessities of this industry and garbage trucks, even if utilizing hybrid power, are going forward with the green plan of electrical energy.

Ian Wright, co-founder of one of the biggest electric cars producers, Tesla, has planned the development of the first garbage-collection truck, and the development has begun in 2016 with several other industries following the plan of electric garbage trucks.

Although Ian Wright co-founded Tesla Motors with entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, he left the company very early during the first development years of the group to create, Wrightspeed, which is also innovating in electric technology for vehicles.

The first model designed by the entrepreneur was the X1 garbage truck, which not only had the necessary capabilities but also had enough horsepower and resistance to top some of the current models being used for garbage collection.

It is only a matter of time until all vehicles are utilizing electric energy to power their movement.

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Joel Stocksdale
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