SAE International is based in the United States

SAE International was founded in 1905 with a small number of members. Today that number has grown to over 128,000 members. The members consist of engineers and other highly technical experts.

The initials SAE stand for the Society of Automotive Engineers. Since the company’s inception, membership has grown to include engineers that specialize in all modes of transportation, and no longer only the automobile industry. This includes aerospace and commercial type vehicles such as trucks, busses, aircraft, trains and many other modes as well. SAE operates globally, and is currently headquartered in Pennsylvania.

They have announced that they will move into Detroit, Michigan. As they are highly involved in the automotive industry one can understand why they have selected this location. The SAE experts, among other things measure and rate automobiles horsepower. Additionally, they rate the standards of production used in the aerospace industry. The Detroit area is home to many of the large automotive and aerospace manufacturing plants.

SAE International provides many benefits to its membership. Members can access professional trade publications that are made available to them. They can network with other member professionals. SAE International also hosts year round events encompassing many topics of interest to members. All of the benefits are geared to enhancing career and personal growth. There are six levels membership from which to choose.