GM announces serious electric car plan: 2 new EVs within 18 months, 20 within 5 years

GM is one of the companies who have seriously invested into creating high quality electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are different that traditional vehicles in that, they run on electricity rather than fuel. While fuel powered cars are great, they release a bunch of harmful greenhouse emissions into the environment. Electric cars are powered using a rechargeable battery. They battery is stored within the vehicle and is used to drive the engine. Without fuel, cars emit drastically less harmful smoke into the environment. GM, as stated previously, is one of the biggest producers of electric vehicles. They already have a few popular versions out such as the Chevy Bolt EV. However, they have stated that there are big things to come in the future. They have said that within the next year and a half they will releases two brand new electric cars. This is a big thing to accomplish as most companies take much longer to make even one quality electric vehicle. Additionally, they have stated that they would release a whopping 20 electric vehicles within the next five years. Whether or not this will happen is beyond us. That is a very high number of brand new cars to produce in such little time. If they succeed, they will officially take over the market of E cars. While E cars are not fully here yet, it seems that they will be in the near future. Experts say they wouldn’t be surprised if E cars become the majority here soon.