GM elaborates on electric vehicle plans: 5 crossovers, 2 minivans, 7 SUVs

GM has created a buzz in the car industry. Why you ask? They have decided to pursue to endeavors of becoming one of the top competitors in the world of electric self drive cars. Many reasons pull the GM creative staff to indulge in this business approach but the main reason is to ignite a competitive nature with Tesla Motors. GM has decided to introduce 5 crossovers, 2 minivans and 7 SUV’s with the electric design and many more with self drive abilities as well. Why have they decided to do all of this? Well, rumor has it that the differences between gas and electric are pretty clear. Electric wins the race hands down. On top of that you throw in the self drive feature and there’s no match. Here’s some simple comparisons on the statistics:

GM Electric Tesla Motors
Horsepower: 200hp Horsepower: 382hp to 691hp
Fuel Efficiency: 128 city/ 108 Highway Fuel Efficiency: 102 city/ 107 Highway
Price: $36,000 Price: $68,000

GM Gas Version (Malibu)
Horsepower: 160hp to 250hp
Fuel Efficiency: 27 city/ 36 Highway
Price: $21,000

As you can see not only are electric cars more affordable they have better mileage throughout the city and the highway. GM is now in the race to become a leading provider of quality electric cars. I’m sure we will see more trending patterns through the automobile industry and I’m sure GM is going to do their part in making a proper amount of noise. Who knows…maybe GM is on their way to becoming the leading vehicle provider in the nation. You never know.

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