GM is bringing its all-electric and autonomous Chevy Bolt EV prototypes to New York

With the explosion of popularity regarding electric cars, many companies are making their own. Electric cars (AKA E cars) are different than traditional cars. Rather than relying on fuel to power them, they use electricity. The electricity is stored in a battery that is harnessed in the car. It is very simple to charge them, just plug the car into any traditional outlet. The use of electric cars will save owners on gas money and save the environment as well. With cars being one of the top producers of green house emissions, E cars are able to drastically reduce that. GM is one company who has invested time and money into making E cars. In recent news, they have announced that they have brought entirely electric, autonomous prototypes to the market. Not only are the cars running on electricity, but they are also autonomous or self driving. The prototypes have already been tested in Michigan, California, and Arizona. GM now wants to test their design in a little more of a difficult traffic zone – New York. Being one of the most densely populated cities in the country, New York will be able to provide a difficult test for these self driving vehicles. While the cars are technically driving themselves, there is no need to worry. There will be someone sitting in the driver and passenger seats to monitor the car. They will be able to take over if there is a malfunction. GM is designing the future of cars.