GM links electric vehicle effort to autonomous driving in attempt to compete with Tesla

Electric cars are becoming very popular in todays market. They are serving as a popular alternative to traditional vehicles. Unlike fuel powered vehicles, electric vehicles run on the power of electricity. It really is as simple as plugging them into an outlet. The cars harness a powerful battery that is charged when you plug it in. The battery then is used to power the engine of the vehicle and therefore eliminates the need for gas. Tesla is one of the most popular producers of electric vehicles. Tesla is pretty far ahead of most producers as far as quality and reliability of their electric vehicles. GM however, is attempting to follow closely behind. In GM’s vehicles, they are attempting to use autonomous technology. What this means is that the cars will be able to drive themselves. This technology along with the popular electric vehicle technology, would have great success on the market. With Tesla so far ahead, GM is trying to find something to set them apart from the competition. In recent months, GM released a presentation that explained how they would implement self driving features into their electric vehicles. The self driving vehicles will use a number of radars and cameras to scan the road. The vehicles should theoretically be able to drive the roads safely. This feature would be very useful for many people. The future of self driving cars may involve self driving taxis, self driving buses, and much more. But first, the cars need to be designed.