The Automobiles of the Future

It seems like we’re headed towards the beginning stages of the future, with more automobile companies making it their mission to produce electric powered vehicles. The shift to electric powered cars will help with the cleanliness of the air within the environment and most likely create more jobs. Many major automobile companies are hopping on the bandwagon to produce more electric powered vehicles and switch entirely over to electric vehicles altogether.

Volvo has announced that they are looking to have fully electric or hybrid-powered vehicles at the start of 2019. The electric and hybrid models can be pricey most of the time, but Volvo is looking for various ways to provide inexpensive vehicles. General Motors (GM) sees itself in the electric future, as it hopes to entirely ditch internal combustion vehicles. GM wants to switch over to vehicles powered by either batteries or hydrogen. Other automobile companies, such as Toyota and Mazda, hope to see themselves all electrical sometime in the future.

The future will likely see itself with electric-powered vehicles, but major work will need to be done. Getting the advanced technology and finding affordable, high power batteries are barriers some automobile companies are facing. Telsa has paved the way for chargeable vehicles, with the Model 3, that needs recharging every 200 miles and had a price tag of $40,000 before federal tax. It’s possible to see our future with zero-emission vehicles, with the swarm of companies hopping on board. Honda and Volkswagon are committed to the change and companies like Audi, Bentley, and Lamborghini hope to add more electric vehicles to their collection. Soon enough, the days of going to the gas station to refuel will be a thing of the past.

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Joel Stocksdale
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