GM vs. BMW vs. Telsa – Who is selling more Hybrids

According to data from, the Tesla Model S was the best-selling electric vehicle for the first quarter in 2016. The Tesla model S had about 6,000 vehicles that were sold from January 2016-April 2016. GM’s hybrid Chevy Volt had about 4,000 buyers during the first quarter. BMS’s X5 xDrive 40e came at number eight in terms of sales for the first quarter of 2016 with 839 vehicles sold.

There is no doubt that Tesla dominated the sales for 2016. Not only was the Tesla Model S the best-selling vehicle, but the newly released Tesla Model X is also at the top of the sales right now. GM’s Chevy Volt constantly remains the second most popular model of hybrid vehicles after Tesla. BMW lags behind both Tesla and General Motors by significant amounts in terms of sales. It also looks highly unlikely that BMW will make any major breakthroughs in the electric or hybrid vehicle market.

The Tesla Model S has one of the longest ranges of any electric or hybrid vehicles running on electricity. There are also a lot of additional features that can be added to Tesla vehicles. The drawback to the Tesla Model S is that these Tesla models are significantly more expensive than other hybrid vehicles. For example, the cheapest 2017 model sells for a price starting at $75,000 while the 2016 model sells for a beginning price of $73,000.

General Motors’ Chevy Volt is a much more economical option for someone looking for a hybrid vehicle. Its starting price is about $34,000. The pros of the Chevy Volt are that it has a very high range for a plug-in hybrid vehicle and a sleek exterior. The cons of this vehicle are that the seats are not very comfortable and it can get very cramped in the back.

The BMW X5 xDrive 40e features high end designs in both the interior and exterior vehicle. It is a very comfortable vehicle to ride and has great fuel economy for a vehicle of its class and size. The drawback to the BMW X5 xDrive 40e is that the starting price is about $67,000. It also features a slightly reduced cargo space.

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