Green cars vs Diesel cars

With the upgraded market of cars, there is a lot to choose from. Two popular options available are green cars and diesel cars. There are a lot of differences between the two, so which is the cheaper option? When it comes to buying the car itself, it really depends what kind of quality you are looking for. You can find both cheap and expensive options from both the green and the diesel cars. Gas however, is a different situation. Diesel cars will cost much more on gas. They will require you to have gas all the time, whereas some green cars don’t run on gas but rather electricity. In the long run, you will save a lot of money on gas from buying a green car. The next factor we will compare is the mileage and the horsepower. Mileage on gas for green cars will be much better than diesel cars. Some electric cars even offer 300 miles on a single charge. So if you are big on mileage, a green car is good for you. Horsepower however, is a different story. Green cars have much less horsepower than traditional diesel vehicles. Due to the fact that they work to save as much gas as possible, they are not very good for power output. All in all, it is really about personal preference. Green cars a great for those who want to save on gas, and who aren’t looking to haul things around. Diesel is good for anyone who cares about having a powerful vehicle. Green cars do produce much less harmful emissions into the environment. They are a much better alternative to diesel cars in the aspect of their harmfulness to the environment. There are some pretty cool green cars on the market, so check them out!

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Joel Stocksdale
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