Despite New And Innovative Headlight Designs, Performance Is Not Up To Par

The automobile industry always seems to outshine itself year in and year out. Every year brings on new and more innovative designs and technology. This can certainly be said about headlights. Headlights these days have better designs but the thing is that can they still offer the same amount of light that is needed for safe driving. According to some insiders, the new designs are nice but they are not standing up to the challenge of being able to do their jobs.

An independent study done by IIHS has come up with the finding that while headlights look good with their new designs, they are not able to provide the amount of light that is deemed safe. The vehicles that the group tested, both foreign and domestic, showed that a vast majority of the headlights were ‘not good enough’.

Automobile makers have been quick to dispel the findings. They say that they are in a very good time when it comes to headlights. They say that they are going to the more bright LED lighting and not halogen as headlights have long used. Still the new study is proving otherwise. Out of 100 vehicles that were tested, only four got a rating of good. Of 37 mid sized SUV’s that were tested in the study, 23 were found to have headlights that were deemed marginal or poor. Overall, 15 of the 100 models in the study were given the group’s Top Safety Pick award.