Electric Car History

The creation of the electric car is not new. Thomas Davenport takes the credit for actually building the first electric vehicle. Before cars, there were carriages pulled by horses. A Scottish inventor created the first electric carriage. These two creators invented these vehicles in the 1800s.

In 1897, electric taxis began working the roads in New York. The Pope Manufacturing Company is the manufacturing place that was known to be the largest electric car building company of that time. People who were building these electric vehicles in the 1800s believed that electric cars were going to take over and be the future of the automobile.

Throughout the decades, there were different creations of electric vehicles. The first real push for electric cars came in the 1980s before the 1800s push. The EV1 is the first well known electric car developed in 1996. This is a pure electric car. This car was part of General Motors. GM produced 1,117. Most of these cars were leased to people in California, Arizona, and Georgia.

Most of the EV1 cars were crushed and destroyed in the late 90s because General Motors believed that the Niche of the electric car would become unprofitable. There are still some EV1 cars around. In the 2000s, car manufacturing companies started creating the hybrid. Hybrid cars are gas and electric driven. Today’s electric cars are more advanced and can go several miles on a single charge.

There is an electric car that is the fastest in the world. It set two worlds records. The NIO EP9 has the horsepower of 1360 with 4671 ft-lb of torque. With global warming problems and gasoline cars creating dangerous pollution, the rise of the electric car will continue to rise along with solar powered cars. Creators of the first electric cars were on the right track. They paved the way for the future.

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