Making Recharging Almost as Quick as Gassing Up

Despite their many advantages environmentally, electric cars have their drawbacks. One drawback is the time spent “refueling” at the charging station versus the time spent at the fossil pump. The average 80% recharge time is 30 minutes.

The answer to putting the time an EV spends connected to the charger on par with the time a dinosaur burner spends connected to the pump is to increase the kilowattage of the charging station.

At least that’s Porche’s theory. A theory they aim to prove with the solar-powered 800-volt recharging station the company has built in Berlin-Adlersh, Germany. The output from the charger is 350 kilowatts. That is more than double the kilowatts put out by the average charging station.

Porche’s guinea pig for this experiment is their Mission E that is slated for release in three years. Results have shown that the Mission E can be 80% recharged in 15 minutes using the new charging technology.

While the Germans were experimenting the Japanese were taking notice. Realizing that this reduced charging time is a game changer Honda is looking to rival Porche’s accomplishment.

The Mission E can cover an average of 225 miles on that 15-minute charge. Honda wants to equal the Porche’s plugged in time, but their desired range is less ambitious. Honda is hoping to achieve a range of 150 miles on a quarter hours worth of Ben Franklin’s kite juice.

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Emily Daniel
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