How Are Car Emissions Ruining Nature

Cars that burn fossil fuels contribute to global warming. Five months ago, the Tesla Model 3 was launched, and the prices of the Model 3 would lower. Tesla supposedly delivers 10,000 cars by December 31st, which has not happened yet when actually sales of model 3s are in the 1,000s. Dirty air happens in cities. Electric cars aim to reduce the amount of pollution in our atmosphere. Polluted air does damage to some cities. Electric cars like Teslas, reduce emissions that cause ozone problems, which in turn causes damage to buildings and statues, which cannot always be reversed.

The question remains about how many electric cars can Tesla have out by December 31st of this year, either 2,500 as a pessimist or more than 10,000 as the opposite of pessimist. Tesla has been around for 14 years in Silicon Valley, making cars. Musk had stated that in July, the company would build 5,000 electric cars per week, by December 31st. but the statistics say it would deliver 100,000 in the year 2017. Fossil fuels are volatile chemicals that pollute the atmosphere of Earth. Cars and trucks are a source of nitrogen dioxide, which is a component that makes up smog. Carbon monoxide also comes from coal. New laws from the prior administration have come out in the last two years that have attempted to reduce emissions. Fossil fuels that come from cars is detrimental to the technological progress made on this planet. Electric cars will somewhat fix the problem given that coal is still used for powering homes.

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Carl Michael
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