How do Eco friendly cars work?

Eco friendly cars are taking over the car market. They are becoming very popular and many people like the idea. Eco friendly cars are the result of people becoming aware of the harmful chemicals that traditional vehicles release. Most cars run on an engine that burns fuel. This process powers the engines and therefore powers cars. Eco friendly cars work differently. Eco friendly cars release less amounts of harmful emissions into the air. By doing so, they are more ‘friendly’ to the environment. Not all Eco friendly cars work the same though. There are four main types of eco friendly cars: cars that simply reduce emissions, cars that run on a different fuel, cars that run partially on electricity, and cars that run fully on electricity. To start, cars that simply reduce emissions do so by reducing the rate at which the fuel is burned. Some cars turn off when sitting at a stop light. There are many methods that car companies use to reduce emissions. The next type is cars that run on different fuels. Some cars nowadays have the capability of running on ethanol, a fuel derived from corn. The next type is a partially electric car. These cars have a gas tank but also have the capability of running on electricity stored in a battery. Doing so, they are able to burn much less fuel than traditional cars. The final type of Eco friendly car is a fully electric car. These cars work by running solely on electricity. By doing that, they are able to completely get rid of the need for gasoline. These kind of cars are becoming very popular in todays market. People are starting to worry about the harmful emissions that cars give off, and are looking for an alternative way to power vehicles.
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