Ford Heads Back to Detroit to Develop an Electric Vehicle and a Driverless Vehicle

Big things are happening at Ford Motor Company. Ford expects to open their newest location in early 2018. The location is in Detroit, specifically in the neighborhood known as Corktown. It is the oldest neighborhood in Detroit. A team of approximately 220 Ford employees will be the first to move into the new location.

The auto maker plans to use this location to develop a driverless Ford vehicle. The endeavor will produce an autonomous and self-driving car in the impressive Ford line up. Additionally, the team of experts will work to develop an electric vehicle.

The company’s new location is a 45,000 square feet building in Corktown. The building is known as The Factory. For many years, it was used as a hosiery factory. Since then, it has been renovated. Until several years ago, Ford had a location in Detroit. In fact, it goes back to the early days of Ford when Mr. Henry Ford ran the company. Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. The current management team is reportedly very excited about the move back to Detroit, which they have always considered to be home for Ford. Henry Ford actually built his first automobile in Detroit, where he lived. The year was 1896.

Ford Motor Company is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. It has always been family run by descendants of Henry Ford, and it remains that way today. Mr. William Clay Ford Jr. currently serves on the board of Ford Motor Ccmpany in the role of Executive Chairman. He is the great grandson of Henry Ford.

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