Number of Tesla Model 3s by end of December

The Tesla Model 3 is a hot car on the market right now. The car officially launched over five months ago, however there are not many on the streets today. Before getting into the number of vehicles that will be released, we will first discuss some basic features of the car. The Tesla Model 3 is an all electric vehicle. This means that the car runs solely on the use of electricity. The battery within the the car can provide power for a range of about 220 – 310 miles. The car has a 0-60 track speed of less than six seconds, topping out at 140 mph. It seats five adults, with 15 cubic feet of cargo space. It also has a digital touchscreen display. The car starts at $35,000, however if you are wanting to have the full experience, you will likely pay more for add ons. The battery itself has a big role in the expenses of the car- costing around $10,000 for the company. Overall the car is very futuristic. It can save you tons on gas, as it doesn’t require it whatsoever. The only problem, the production delay.

The Tesla Model 3 is a very advanced vehicle. There have been a number of orders for this car placed already. Of the many that were ordered, it is estimated that only about a thousand of the vehicles have been delivered to their owners already. In a recent survey on Twitter, respondents were quite optimistic, guessing that there would be around 10,000 deliveries by the end of 2017. This may be overshooting it however, as only 260 Model 3s had been officially delivered by the end of September. The Tesla company is still struggling to produce the large amount of orders for the vehicle that they have received.

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