Tesla Model 3 is Having a Devil of a Time Getting Out of “Production Hell”

The Tesla Model 3 is intended to be an electric car that the average buyer can afford. Its $35,000 base price is within the range of the average new car sticker. The Premium Package costs $14,000 more.

With the long-range battery option, Tesla places the cars range at 310 miles between recharges. EPA reports indicate a 340-mile range. Right now, the Tesla Model 3 is having trouble covering the distance from the factory to the dealership.

During a recent Twitter survey asking how many Model 3s would be built by the end of this month. More than half the respondents questimated 10,000 units would roll out of the Tesla’s Silicon Valley plant.

Tesla has set its eye towards turning-out 5,000 3s a week sometime this month. A dramatic increase from the less than 200 produced weekly from July until now.

Company founder Elon Musk attributes the scant production numbers to the car being in “production hell”. Musk elaborated explaining that the software for half of the four battery units offered for the Model 3 had to be rewritten.

The first batch of 440 Model 3s built thus far are earmarked for people with direct connections to Tesla. This includes employees, their family members, and sundry company insiders.

Still, last month those on the waiting list for the M3 received emails telling them to start designing their car on Tesla’s website. Delivery is supposed to begin this month. The order of delivery will be based on geography and the order date.

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Carl Michael
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