How much quieter are Electric Cars Vs Gas Cars

One of the notable advantages of electric cars versus the traditional car that is routed in an gas powered internal combustion engine is how much quieter they are. This can even be disalarming to a new driver of electric vehicles who may not even notice that their car is on. But how much quieter are electric cars than gas powered cars?

Noise from Electric Cars versus Gas Cars

The only noise that emanates from an electric car is the noise of the tires on the surface, the air conditioning unit, and of course any radio that the driver has on. The engine itself is completely quiet. Contrast this with an gas powered car that has the same noise as an electric car but also an engine that purrs loudly. Most gas powered cars have a decibel level of approximately 70. Many counties are now regulating the level of gas powered cars and are pushing to lower the decibel level to anywhere from 65 to 70 though nothing is currently settled yet.

Why is there a Push to Make Electric Cars Have Minimum Sound Levels?

While anwiiter car is considered to be a good thing by many, there is a risk for pedestrians with a completely silent car, namely in that pedestrians won’t hear them coming and ge out of the way quickly enough. This is a big risk for many and there is a push to install a new Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System to warn pedestrians and other vehicles.

Quieter cars are obviously a good thing and electric cars are virtually silent except when their drivers try to pump out music from their speakers. There will likely be a push downwards of the noise from gas powered cars and steps to make electric cars louder as a warning system for pedestrians.

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