Powering the future with electric vehicles

All car manufacturing companies are now shifting towards manufacturing electric cars. One of the problems that are to be solved is how these cars shall be powered. Manufacturing companies are currently investing in the manufacture of hybrid cars and pure electric cars.

Due to the increase of the electric cars, there are several proposed strategies such as smart charging that will reduce the charging burden on the national grid where every car has to be charged at the same time.

This can be improved by smart charging developed by Tesla. Tesla has developed motor in P90D with a horsepower of 762. So higher horsepower can be achieved in electric cars. Price wise fuel driven cars will cost around $275, 000 will electric will cost around $12,000 fuelling.

Tesla has the vision to build home vehicles with solar panels on the roof and batteries that are mounted on the wall to store electricity. Once the idea is developed the cars will be able to self-charge enabling the owners to avoid charging during the peak hours.

With smart charging, one can charge his or her car while at work while the car is parked even at home. Nissan technologies also are developing cars that can supply energy back to the grid. They call the system V2G.

Since electric cars store energy in their batteries but most of the time the cars are usually parked. This can be used to supply energy during the peak hours. The electricity stored in the electric car batteries can be used to supply the grid, and when the energy in the grid is at a stable level, it can be transferred back to the cars.

When the cars are placed together, they can supply a substantial amount of electricity to the grid. However, not everyone supports the idea as they feel it might be expensive and might lead to the degradation of batteries. However, other researchers believe that actually, the system can improve battery life.

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