JetBlue and Boeing Equals Hybrid-Electric Airliner

Have you heard the news? JetBlue and Boeing may come together to create the first ever hybrid-electric airliner. This is all to back a new company called “Zunum Aero”. This Seattle-based company is now the talk of the town when it comes to hyrid-electric vehicles. This is because this vehicle isn’t running on the road, but in the air.

This unique concept isn’t a brand new idea, but it’s the first company to work hard to bring it to fruition. JetBlue and Boeing are simply the venture capitalists behind the airline, bringing all of the financials together and the technology to make it happen.

The goal is to complete the project by 2022, and the end-result is long-awaited. What’s the range for a plane? This will vary quite a bit from hybrid-electric cars. The range for trips will be under 1,000 miles initially. The hope is to increase this over time as the popularity continues to grow.

Another fact that passengers will want to know about prior to their first flight, is that the plane will have two electric motors in addition to an engine to supplement. Matt Knapp, the co-founder was open about the build out of the plane. He believes that transparency is vital to making this work.

It is also important to bring awareness to the fact that this is possible. The industry was so sure that the only way to impact the earth was to design a concept like this for cars on the road.

The great thing is that this concept could be transferred to the airline. Zunum Aero does not expect to be alone in this endeavor, as the concept has caught on with talks of other companies starting up that will provide the same travel.

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Carl Michael
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