Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Servicing

Gasoline powered cars have been in existence for many years now, but their servicing is becoming somewhat costly. It’s becoming increasingly impossible for people to check their car’s fluids regularly.

If it’s a problem for some car owners to even take their car to a dealer for regular service, how do people with hydrogen cars fuel or service their cars?

Fortunately, there are some few fuel stations that offer hydrogen fuels.For example, in the state of California, it’s estimated that there are about 10 public hydrogen fuel stations and 17 stations are still under construction. By the end of this year, the state expects to have a total of about 68 hydrogen fuel stations.

The state of California is responsible for setting up rule and regulations that governs how fuel cell car should be serviced.

In the event that the fuel cell stack and the sealed high pressure hydrogen storage system are not involved, a fuel cell vehicle is just like any other car and undergoes the same services as gasoline fuel vehicles.

Important components like suspension parts, electric devices and many more are repaired or replaced using the same procedures for other vehicles.

However, if the dealers are forced to repair the fuel cell stack or the hydrogen storage tanks, then a different approach is used to check these specific areas. It’ not clear how much it will cost fuel cell car owners to service their vehicle.
At the moment, the car needs to have a certain amount of hydrogen left for it to be serviced (a minimum of 0.5 kg of hydrogen). To fill the tank, you need at least 5.5 kilograms of hydrogen. If you take your car to a dealer for service with more than the required amount of hydrogen, they will be forced to drain out the tank to a minimum required level.

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