Fueling Our Military Into the Future

The global battle against depleting fossil fuels is slowly reaching its climax as resources around the world begin to deplete. This depletion could be troublesome for the United States Military, boasting far superior power and numbers than any other country. The inevitable shortage of fossil fuels to come has forced innovative engineers to research advancements in technology negating the need for fossil fuels as a primary resource of power. The emergence of fuel cells has been a popular alternative to fossil fuel that may provide the military with a stable energy resource for years to come.

Fuel cells are currently undergoing heavy testing as some experts believe they make be the key to a greener and more efficient future. Vehicles have been tested using fuel cells in the military to relative success so far. Some of the major benefits, specifically for the military, include, reliability, ease of production, low heat transmissions, and finally no reliance on oil.

The reliability of fuel cells is unquestionable, having higher efficiency then both diesel and gas engines allowing military vehicles to travel for longer distances of time. Production of hydrogen can also be made easily with renewable water driven methods reducing costs needed to extract gasoline. Low heat transmissions is also ideal for military use because high heat has been known to cause severe damage to engines, inhibiting military transport capabilities. Finally the military will not have to rely on oil as a resource. Oil has caused many global issues with other countries, it is not a renewable resource, and it is expensive to continuously extract.

The inevitable depletion of non-renewable resources is a reality our world will soon face. Extensive research into fuel cells capabilities as a primary energy source will prove invaluable as time goes on. The military uses are undeniably beneficial and further research will only extend the capabilities of fuel cells.

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Carl Michael
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