Hyundai’s Electric Vehicle Lineup

Green cars are the wave of the future. With crackdowns on emissions and the Epa CAFE standards increasing, fossil fuels are on their way out. Gasoline and Diesel were great for range in the past, but with increases in battery technology range anxiety is no longer an issue.

Enter Hyundai

Hyundai has become a global phenomenon in the last decade in the automotive market. The vehicles have gone from economy cars with a bad reputation to being pioneers in technology and features for an affordable price.

Current Electric and Hybrid Hyundai Lineup

For a company that has pioneered in bringing luxury technology to the economy car market, they really have been behind in the electric and Hybrid vehicle lineup. In the USA, we have only seen 2 Evs, 2 Hybrids, and one limited production fuel cell vehicle. The Sonata is available as a Hybrid nationwide, and also as a plug-in partial electric in select markets. The Ioniq is a compact vehicle based on the Elantra. It comes standard as a hybrid with a plug-in hybrid model on the way. A full electric Ioniq is available only in California at this time but delivers up to 124 miles on a full charge. The Fuel cell Tucson is also still available as a lease only option, again in California only.

Future of Hyundai Electric Vehicles

Hyundai plans to release more Ev and fuel cell based vehicles in the coming years. Leading the charge will be the full electric Kona crossover in 2018, and an electric vehicle for their luxury brand Genesis sometime after 2021.

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