Hyundai Launching Electric Car Sharing Program In Amsterdam

The first electric car sharing program in the world was started in 2015 by BMW in Copenhagen. Korean automaker Hyundai is looking to join the market as the company has announced that it will be launching its own electric car sharing program and that it will get underway in Amsterdam.

Hyundai currently is in the electric vehicle market with their Ioniq vehicle. The current plan is to have Hyundai have 100 over the Ioniq’s available for the new electric car sharing service. It was the Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai in Thomas Schmid who made the announcement that his company was going the new car sharing route.

Schmid says that the time is right for the new service because it helps the city to be able to meet the economic friendly goals that it has set for itself. Schmid says the goal is to have at least 20 of the Ioniq’s as part of the service by the year 2020. He went on to further say that while the service will be based in the port city of Amsterdam, consumers and users will be able to drive the cars all over the beautiful country of the Netherlands.

In order for customers to be able to use the service, all they will have to do is download the iPhone or Android app. They will be required to give personal information such as driver license information and payment information in order to have full access to the service.

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