Hyundai Nexo is a rolling showcase of self-driving eco-car technology

One of the biggest trends in the auto industry over the past decade has been the increased usage and prevalence of eco-friendly and electric cars. While there are many different options of this car type on the road today, there is a new one that will continue to influence the auto market.

The newest addition to this segment of the auto market is the Hyundai Nexo. This vehicle uses an advanced fuel cell technology that will be combined with a self-driving technology. When the two of these technologies are combined together, it will greatly reduce the amount of fuel usage and also provide a driver and passenger with a safe mode of transportation.

Another advantage of this car is that it will come in a sleek and modern design. The Hyundai Nexo will be a stylish and sleek looking smaller crossover SUV. This should help it stand out on the road, but also look like a practical option, which is something that past zero-emission vehicles were not able to match.

The new vehicle will be going on sale in South Korea at some point in the first quarter. The car will then be rolled out in the United States and some parts of Europe by the end of the year. This will be the next big step in the progress of Hyundai, which has stated that they want to have nearly 25 different car types available using fuel cell or other similar technology within the next 5 to 10 years

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